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"I gotta say, we are truly glad we choose your company to work with. Your group is a rare find. Sales and Service is top notch!
Your company is really the best in our book, and your employees really make your company shine. Wishing you lots of success in the future. Again thank you for the fantastic work!"
- Willy Tschetter, VCF Coatings

"We have used your protective coatings for the past 2 years and they have continually outperformed our clients expectations. They offer excellent adhesion and durability while being easy to apply. You can customize your colors to suit your needs. The sales and service team is always available to answer questions or take a material order. Thanks!"
- Jim Durovick, JS Rubber Surfacing Ltd

"We have tried many of the competitive products over the years and since teaming up with IPS, there really is no other company that can compare with quality and service. The advanced equipment support they offer has been priceless to my business.
Their expertise and transparent approach to sales and service allows us to truly be business partners."
- David Stahl, BH Sandblasting & Painting