Viking Liners
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Q: Does it improve the saleability of my truck?

A: Yes, definitely. It protects the box from rust, dirt, scratches and you can even apply Viking Liners to cover a box that is already in rough shape.

Q: Can I remove the liner?

A: Why would you ever want to? Viking Liners is meant to be a permanent liner.

Q: Will the liner hold up in extreme temperatures?

A: Viking Liners has been designed to withstand temperatures ranging from -55C to 120C.

Q: Is Viking Liners repairable?

A: In the unlikely case that your liner is damaged, repairs can be made.

Q: Where can I get a Viking Liners coating applied?

A: Be sure to contact us at to find out where the closest dealer is to you.

Q: Is Viking Liners limited to truck beds?

A: Definitely not. Viking Liners is a coating solution that is used in a variety of industries, including oil and gas, industrial, and agriculture.Use it on floor boards, rocker panels and wheel wells. You can cover literally anything.

Q: Is it non-toxic?

A: Yes. Chemicals react fully to make a non-slip ‘plastics’ liner with no volatile organic compounds (VOCs)